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Holding a Paintbrush



It is said that the creative arts are a right brain attribute.  If so, I used my right brain enthusiastically as a child and young man, studying art at the fabled High School of Music and Art in New York City, majoring in fine art at the City University of New York (CCNY), and teaching art in New York City public schools.  In my late 20s I shifted to my left brain to pursue what turned out to be a long career as a corporate lawyer and published author of best-selling law books.


Now, I am once again an artist, gathering much of my inspiration from my photographs of family, friends, and places I have been.

Commissions accepted.

  Following is my new work. Prices on request. 

Amelia #2 - Oil (20x20")

Waiting for Gelato , Lourmarain, Fr.

 Oil 22x28" (2019)

Leaving New York - Oil 20x24" (2018)

TheTheThe  Ambler - Oil 24x30" (2018)

Delivery in Radicofanni, It -  Oil - 24x36" (2019)

Misty Waters in Santa Monica - Oil 16x20" (2018)

Delivery in Radicofanni, It -  Oil - 24x36" (2019)

Chuross on the Santa Monica Pier - Oil 30x34? (2017)

Best Friends Forever -Oil 24x30 (2019)

Amelia #1 - Oil 18x24' (2018)

Santa Monica Pier at Sunset -  Oil 20x24 (2018)